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Howgate District Community Council

Our district spans around 400 households, from Loanstone to Leadburn, Pomathorn to Cauldhall, and of course the iconic village of Howgate.

What is a Community Council?

Community councils fulfill an important role in representing the interests of residents in the area. They are voluntary organisations run by local folks and represent the community's interests (or concerns) on anything from planning applications to local services and facilities. There are 15 community councils in Midlothian.

Howgate Community Council
Draft Revitalisation Plan

Howgate CC has been an active community council for many years, effectively representing the interests of the circa 400 households in the district area. Over the last twelve months the council has struggled to meet and recruit new members, partially as a result of the loss of access to the Howgate Village Hall. To prevent the council from going defunct, an interim group has come together to set up the 2024 AGM and get the ball rolling again.


At the upcoming AGM we are hoping to appoint new members to the council and reinstate office holders to ensure the proper functioning of the council.


A revitalisation plan has been drawn up for approval at the AGM to give the council renewed focus and vigour, re-establish its core functions and undertake a programme of consulting with the local community to identify local concerns and priorities.

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